Eco fashion is here!

Photograph by Hilary Walsh. Published in Vogue, May 2009.

In recent years organic fashion or eco fashion gain rising attention behalf of the people working in the sector of fashion. Organic fashion regards clothing and accessories that have minor negative impact on the environment and have been made with a minimum use of chemicals while eco fashion is an umprella term covering clothing, fabrics and accessories that have been produced in an eco friendly method.

This movement has its roots back in 1988 where first collection of Martin Margiela for spring 1989, features a leather butcher’s apron repurposed into an evening gown. This was only  the begining for a deconstructionist movement and the use for recycled materials in his collections. While, the very next year the models of Franco Moschino wear during a runway T-shirts bearing the slogan “Stop Using Our Oceans as a W.C.”. In March of 1990 a very interesting article has been published by Vogue where the envrionmental trend was spotlighted. The article regards models at Norma Kamali wearing T-shirts bearing slogans such as “Acid Rain Squad” and “Earth Children. Moreover, the following June memebers of fashion group speak (Katharine Hamnett) to the United Nations about the environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

Nowdays, actions like the opening of a store by Stella McCartney at the Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and a debut upcycled capsule collection made entirely from discarded materials by the UK based fashion giant Topshop, support the movement towards sustainable fashion.

Carrying On with Organic by John Patrick

Carrying On with Organic by John Patrick

Why Support Organic and Eco Fashion?

As the industry of fashion has a great impact on the environment and thus the “bad” materials, such as nylon and polyester which are made by petrochemicals, should be excluded and gradually to be replaced by eco-labelling materials such as hemp, linen, organic wool and wild silk.

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