EU ready to lift plane emissions tax until autumn 2013

On Monday 12 November the European Commission  proposed to suspend its CO2 tax on airplanes on all but European airlines until autumn 2013 when the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) next meets. A type of tax that has a lot of opponents from its beginning such as China, India, Russia and the US since they believe there is a violation of the international law.

Connie Hedegaard, the European Union’s climate commissioner, offered to suspend the implementation of the related scheme because there are some signs for an agreement at an international level in addition with the negative reactions at the beginning. Brussels notes that the scheme aims at mitigating CO2 emissions causing climate change, and helping the 27 EU countries to achieve their target of reducing emissions by 20% until 2020.

Airlines on their side support that if this policy is being implemented the cost will be 17.5 billion euros ($21.2 billion)during the period 2013-2020. EU counters believe that the cost is tolerable, estimating it could rise the price of a round-trip long-haul flight by four and 24 euros.

The most “strong” opponents to the scheme seems to be China and India, with the latter barring its airlines from complying with the EU carbon fee, in April joining China in resistance.


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