The new iPhone 5 is almost everywhere, but is it any greener from the previous one?

The new apple model is almost in every store around the planet and questions about its novelties has arisen. Regarding its technical characteristics iPhone 5 is thinner than iPhone 4s and also has a larger 4-inch Retina display. Moreover, the novel features and design alternations make iPhone 5 greener is some cases, not in all of them. In instance, the new A6 chip is faster and more efficient than the previous.

Moreover, a user of iPhone 5 will plug in the device so often since the battery life has been increased significantly. For example, iPhone 4s offered 6 hours of 3G browsing while iPhone 5 offers 8. Regarding battery life for Wi-Fi has been extended from 9 to 10, while the standby time has increased from 200 hours to 225.  The “experiment” of glass back on the iPhone 4 has failed since the device tended to be more fragile and therefore people have to replaced it. Now, iPhone 5 has a metal back which makes the device less prone to breaking. At last, the iPhone 5 camera is thought to be better in low lighting conditions, have reduced noise, 40% faster and moreover offers a panorama feature, facts that will result in less consumption of other gadgets. On the other hand the smaller dock connector seems to be the only disadvantage which is quite important since it makes all existing speaker docks, accessories, and charger/syncing cables using the previous 30-pin design obsolete. An adapter will be sold in Apple stores which will cost from 19 to 39 dollars, but probably we will end up wit a bunch of ditched speaker docks and cables.

To conclude, if you are going to buy the new iPhone 5, or you have already bought it, it is highly recommended to recycle your old phone by reselling it to one of the several sites that are willing to pay you cash for your old model, like GazelleNextWorth andReCellular. While you’re at it, resell any of your 30-pin accessories too. Electronic resellers pay more when you include cables and chargers and eBay is always a good option for speaker docks and larger accessories. Keeping these items in the consumer stream extends their life and prevents them from becoming e-waste and gives other people a used option to buy instead of a new one having to be manufactured.


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