Africa: An attempt to increase access to electricity

For the most of the people around the world, especially at developed countries, having access to electricity is easy and in some cases even a fact. However, there are 1.456 billion people worldwide according to IEA (2009) who do not have access to electricity, of which 83% live in rural areas. 

Egg-energy is a company aiming to fill the gap between household and grid in such areas like Tanzania, where  90% of the population lacks access to electricity.

This can be achieved by implementing a simple, safe and affordable market-based solution of a small, rechargeable and fully recyclable batteries. Each battery meets customers’ needs for approximately 5 nights, saves them over 50% on yearly non-heat energy expenditures, and eliminates the need to use kerosene for lighting. EGG-energy also provides clients with basic appliances, and the installation of their home electric system.

Having refined the operational model by running two charging stations that are connected to the existing power grid, EGG-energy now aims to 1) expand its reach into rural communities through off-grid solar sites and 2) accelerate deployment of grid-based charging stations through a franchising scheme.

Electricity access would contribute to healthier and more productive lives and provide an opportunity to escape poverty.


4 thoughts on “Africa: An attempt to increase access to electricity

  1. …And to think that my definition of “privation” is to have to hop on a bus, travel to a restaurant that offers free WiFi, and then buy a cup of over-priced coffee to justify my use of their WiFi — because it’s Sunday, and the public library is closed…

    This certainly gives me some… perspective.

    1. Unfortunately there are a lot of people around the world who do not have access to electricity or water!Every single day people like me and you and also governments spend money in unnecessary things when there are communities that really suffering. Yesterday, I posted a relative video regarding Project 90 which aims at enhancing energy and water security in Africa. I think it is very interesting, you can check it if you want

  2. Think about the lighting in a camper or motor home, just stop by a place selling them and get a demonstration, no need to buy.
    12 volts puts out a lot of light, now think about the sun over Africa?
    Someone in government in that country needs to make plans to harness the sun?
    A solar panel will put out 12 volts, with battery power you can have power 24/7
    a 12 volt pump and you also have water?

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