Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Salary Survey 2012

Acre, Acona, Ethical Performance and Flag are four SMEs that have organized the fourth survey regarding the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability salaries.

The sample

The sample constists of 847 people and they are separated into two main groups: in-house employees, who make up 74% of respondents, and consultants, who make up the remaining 26%. The highest percentage of in-house respondents work in the Banking and Finance (14%) and Consumer Goods (11%) sectors, followed by Retailing (10%) and, for the first time, Natural Resources (10%) in equal third place. The workers are at 53% located in UK, while 22% are in North America, 13% consists of the rest of Europe and 12% the rest of the world. At last,tThe sample’s overall gender split was 52:48 in favour of women. 


The bulk of the salaries present a range from £30k to £50k for the 33% of the sample and £50k to £70k for the 28%. There is a small percentage of 4% covering salaries greater than £140k, while salaries less than £30 hold a 13%. Concerning the bonus, more than one third (36%) of respondents worldwide received no bonus in the last 12 months, and nearly 90% received a bonus of less than £20,000. 

Education, qualifications and career history

The CR sector is characterised by well-educated professionals: nearly nine-tenths (88%) of respondents have a degree and/or postgraduate qualification. More respondents (56%) hold professional qualifications in non-CR-related subjects than CR-related (44%), but the position is reversed for master’s degrees and doctorates. In addition, 13% have a Master of Business Administration (MBA). While regarding career history for the vast majority of respondents (91%), their current role was not their first job. In fact, the average time in employment is 14 years, with more than half of this time (9.5 years) spent in CR/S. 

Moreover, the survey is also dedicated to an analysis concerning the level of company’s commitment to CR/S and identification of how people spend the bulk of their working day. To conclude, the survey investigations regarding the job satisfaction and job security have shown that 80% of respondents indicated that they are satisfied with their jobs, and a third went on to say they were very satisfied. However, those who are the most senior CR/S professionals within their organisation are slightly more satisfied than those who are not: 85% versus 80% respectively.

For more information about the CR Salary Survey 2012, please go to

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