Worldwide: the energy hungry Internet

Since Internet is a fast growing industry – it is estimated that by 2016 the bulk of the data will be 4 times higher – it is rational or even necessary some concerns regarding the amount of energy that internet consumes to be arisen.

Do you know that Internet is a power hungry service and actually fairly ungreen?Only last year, the the Internet industry consumed greater amounts of energy than the auto-manufacturing industry. In total, it consumes the approximate output of 30 nuclear power plants annually.

The most remarkable point concerning internet’s consumption is that only a 10% is used for actual calculations while the rest is used during an idle situation. If this trend continues, then the rapid growth of the Internet could come with exponentially larger power consumption.

The encouraging thing is that the experts are moving towards a solution, with great investments in green data centers that could significantly reduce energy use by promoting efficiency. Green data center investment is forecasted to grow by 164% in the next 4 years. 

Google has already moved towards green solutions by constructing and promoting efficient data centers. A very interesting video concerning the top 5 recommended best practices from Google’s data center experts follows:

For more info regarding Google’s efficient data centers please visit


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