Kettles account for 4 percent of emissions in the U.K.


It’s a cliché to say that British people drink a lot of tea. But it’s a cliché that’s true — so much so that, according to The Guardian, kettles account for a full 4 percent of household emissions in the United Kingdom. Four percent! Just to boil water to pour over some dried leaves! It’s this sort of thing that makes you bang your head against the table and figure we should all just give up and move to Antarctica, because, surely, the planet is going to heat up beyond recognition. Surely, there must be a better way.

And, as it turns out, there is a better way! It’s fairly simple: Bring back the kettle whistle.

It turns out that British people who want a cup of tea boil the necessary water on average 2.4 times, i.e. 1.4 times more often than necessary.

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