South Stream: Overview


Aim: Energy sources diversification –) Supply security

-Transport  of natural gas from Russia through the Black Sea (national waters of Turkey avoiding Ukraine) to Bulgaria, and then further to Greece, Italy and Austria (Baumgarten interconnection)

Start of construction: 12/2012

Completion: 2015

South Stream AG joint venture:

50% Gasprom

20% ENI S.p.A. (Italy)

15% EDF (France)

15% BASF


-925 km offshore route from Russia (Beregovaya) to Bulgaria (Varna)

-approximately 960 km onshore route from Bulgaria (Pleven) to Austria (Baumgarten)

-possible lateral (540 km) that would include Slovenia goes from SRB-HU border to Austria (Arnoldstein)

-lateral towards BiH

-possible lateral towards Croatia

-southwestern route from the hub in Bulgaria towards Greece and Italy (Brindisi)

Maximum discharge: 63 bn m3 of gas

Total value: €24 billion

South Stream Serbia

Start of construction: 07/12/2012

Gasprom and Srbijagas founded a joint company ‘Juzni tok Srbija’ (South Stream Serbia) in 2009 in Switzerland (51:49)


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