Fashion brand Mango commits to detox!

αρχείο λήψης (1)

As John Deans reports Mango is a major Spanish fashion retailer with more than 2,000 global stores and Kate Moss as their spokesmodel. Greenpeace implicated them in a Toxic Threads report and to avoid what ZARA went through, they decided to admit they have a problem and pledge to clean up!

Mango, together with Zara who committed to Detox last week, is beginning to take responsibility for its entire supply chain, which means providing local communities and customers with the information they need to ensure that local water supplies are not turned into public sewers for industry. The two Spanish brands will together require 120 suppliers around the world to disclose discharge data by the end of 2013.

Mango becomes the ninth brand to commit to eliminate releases of all hazardous chemicals throughout its supply chains and products since Greenpeace launched its Detox campaign in 2011.

As it seems people’s voices when they sound like one at the end can achieve an important goal as this one, people have the power!

Thank you Greenpeace!

You can find the whole article here

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