Planning on vacations?Make them “green”!

Are you interested in making a trip during the holidays?Have you ever consider about how your trip can be a part of the sustainability concept?Here in energment, we gathered some of the greenest hotels around the world and we present them to you!

1. Luna Lodge, Costa Rica

263872_10150257073132158_3529823_nLuna Lodge was constructed by Costa Rican people with the issues of conservation and preservation of the rainforest a priority. The lodge has been developed with creative initiative and commitment to the ideals of educating visitors to be environmentally and culturally sensitive. Luna Lodge participates in the CST (Certification of Sustainable Tourism) program which has been recognized by the World Tourism Organization as a program that is gradually improving environmental and social impacts of tourism. One hundred percent of the electricity generated for all lighting and all electric outlets throughout the property is produced through Luna Lodge’s own hydropower plant, making the property 100 percent energy self-sufficient.

2. Borgo di Tragliata, Rome

Borgo di Tragliata is the first Italian hotel on the international circuit of the01 “Green Hotels Association” to continue to raise awareness of their tourist slogan “PROTECT OUR ONE AND ONLY EARTH!” – through the use of alternative energy, reducing the waste of water and the production and recycling of rubbish.Set in a country setting grows its own organic fruits and vegetables, contribute to a significant reduction of C02 with a 10 hectare forest of valuable broad-leaved trees (Walnut, Cherry & Ash) and over 20 further hectares of dense, flourishing brushwood. They recycle and re-use all of their waste: organic, paper, glass, plastic, metals, wood and special refuse. Also they have installed photovoltaic panels to produce electrical energy up to 20 kw. 

3. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

268261_10150294615793134_2017636_nNamed Australasia’s Leading Green Hotel by the 2012 World Travel Awards in October, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort takes pride in their eco-conscious initiatives. No other Fiji Island resort combines relaxation and indulgence with an unsurpassed range of eco-friendly activities when guests are ready to pick up the pace. Trip Advisor recently voted them as the #1 World’s Top eco resort. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort plants mangroves in order to prevent erosion and improve the quality of the water and fish, houses a large clam farm to aid in natural reseeding of the clams on the reefs, and provides mooring lines at snorkeling and diving sites to avoid boat anchor damage. The resort also practices recycling and composting, uses low energy lighting, solar panels on water heaters and does not use any phosphate-based products in the laundry or kitchen. 

4. Orchard Garden Hotel, San Francisco, California

The environmentally friendly Orchard Hotel is San Francisco’s first LEED-EB® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)σαν φρα certified hotel by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED is the USGBC’s system for designing and constructing the world’s ‘greenest’, energy-efficient, high performing buildings. The Orchard Hotel is already a certified ‘green’ business by the San Francisco Department of the Environment and proud sister property of California’s first LEED-NC® certified property – the Orchard Garden Hotel. Its energy-saving electric key card system automatically stops power to each room when a guest leaves and turns it back on when he or she returns. The hotel also uses energy-efficient light bulbs to further cut its electricity usage. Rooms are equipped with low-flow toilets, organic bath products and recycling bins, and are cleaned with chemical-free products. 

5.  Barceló Maya Beach Resort, Mexico

barcelo-maya-hotelFrom vegetable gardens and green houses to a water purification plant, Barceló Maya Beach Resort in Riviera Maya, is committed to creating a greener experience for guests . During sea turtle season, (May to October), the resort protects nesting sites with a wire fence and educates guests about the importance of protecting sea turtles. In addition to sea turtle protection, guests are also offered the option to conserve energy by reusing towels and sheets rather than requesting fresh towels daily. The resort complex also boasts a 3,200-square-foot vegetable garden where vegetables, herbs and 10 different types of chili peppers are grown. Additionally, a reverse-osmosis plant purifies drinking water, and an on-site nursery produces 60 percent of the plants used in local reforestation.

6. Klaus K Hotel, Helsinki

For those who want something closer to the Christmas spirit there is the option of Klaus K Hotel in Helsinki. Klaus K is the firstκλαουσ hotel in Finland to develop and implement a carbon footprint calculator. This new feature enables guests to calculate their ecological footprint at the time of their reservation. The calculator takes into account the three most significant greenhouse gases and reveals the exact carbon footprint per room per night. With an average of 10 to 16 kilos CO2 emissions per night, Klaus K is enviromentally friendy compared to other hotels where the average goes up to 30 kilos for a one night stay. To achieve such low emissions, a comprehensive eco programme is in place, which includes the purchase of hydro electricity, the use of light timers in the guest room corridors and a complete recycling programme.

For those who want a different destination you can look up for a bunch of eco-friendly hotels around the world by clicking in the sites or just google it!

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