Renewable energy country attractiveness indices

Ernst & Young have conducted a very interesting report containing Country Attractiveness Indices (CAI ) score for 40 countries around the world regarding their attractiveness of their renewable energy markets, energy infrastructure and the suitability for individual technologies. China is the winner as it remains the  best place to undertake renewable energy projects like solar or wind, while Germany and U.S. hold the second and the third place respectively. The top five is completed with India holding the 4th place and France the 5th. Grid issues, strong partisan views, mixed policy signals and austerity measures are just some of the tensions that are slowing the pace of expansion across the top five countries.

Gill Forer, Ernst & Young’s global cleantech leader, made some comments regarding the outcomes of the research focusing on the fact that U.S. has fallen to the third place and the two new entrants to the index – Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Regarding the case of U.S. he said “It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone,”. However, that is possible to change in the future. He added that “I do believe in the lame duck session we’ll have some kind of agreement.…In the long-term, going forward, we do anticipate some more certainty. What it i will include no one knows,”. Germany’s progressive course has its grounds on the fact that German government recently upped its renewable energy target for electricity to 40 percent by 2020 and on policy measures that boost sustainability. 

Concerning the two new entrants, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE), the increasing demand for energy seems to led governments to invest more in clean energy, even though both countries are oil rich. As Gill Forer said “It’s better for some countries to use renewables for power and export oil,”. 

Let’s hope that the mistakes of the past can be a lesson for the emerging markets and that continuing economic tumult, political change and social pressures will be overpassed creating in the long term a sustainable growth platform globally.  

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