China leaves behind the US as world’s leading trade partner

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In just five years, China surpassed the US as leading a trading partner in the world. With 124 countries considering China their largest trading partner and only 76 having that relationship with the US, the Asian country’s influence is on the rise.

In 2006, the US was the larger trading partner for 127 countries, while China dominated among 70. In 2011, the numbers reversed, with China dominating trade among 124 countries and the US being the top trade partner for only 76, the Associated Press reported. Some US allies even consider China their top trading partner, including Australia and South Korea.

The AP findings demonstrate China’s rapid ascent as a trade partner. As a result of its international relationships, the world’s most populous country is becoming more politically influential – and its rise won’t be ending anytime soon. China’s world output is forecasted to grow up to 8 percent…

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One thought on “China leaves behind the US as world’s leading trade partner

  1. I am not sure, if the quality of the growth in partnership is considered adequately. Because, although china’s partnership with many countries is a fact, most of them are merely need of time, to procure lot of basic manufacturing services, at a competitive value, at the hour of need.

    its not a long lasting hug, its more of a mere hand shake. o i do not think the persisting impact of this is any big. on the other hand, US is refining and maturing its industry with solid partnership for life. consider the recent strong Theft of Trade Secrets protection code ( the TTSCA ) and other such initiative to add to this nature as well. so that we get more complete picture.

    Also, further, one large fact obviously remains that US was largely consumer, and the trade ties, where it was producer for others have always been a lower number.

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