Greece: Thessaloniki do it like Vienna!

αρχείο λήψης (1)In 2013 the process of expressining interest for setting up a thermal waste treatment plant in Thessaloniki (in the area of Sindos) via Public-Private Partnerships, will start. It was announced by the  the mayor Yiannis Boutaris of the city on the sidelines of the symposium, hosted by the Council of the Federation for Sustainable Development.

Following the case of Vienna, where the corresponding plant processes 250,000 tonnes of waste a year, supplying with hot water about 50,000 households and with electricity about 25,000, Mr. Boutaris despite opposition caused for this project stressed the target is to be completed by 2017 to 2018. 

The incineration plant is estimated to cost around 150 million euro, while the goal is to be able to process approximately 500,000 tonnes of waste annually, and producing energy for the needs of local households.

“We are determined to proceed with the construction of the unit. It is unbelievable that across Europe factories like this already exist while we 

Yiannis Boutaris
Yiannis Boutaris, mayor of Thessaloniki

are 30 years back and lose money by recycling the waste and energy that could be produced from garbage, ” said the Mr. Boutaris.

There is also the perspective of building other similar factories before that in Sindo, one in Mavrorachi and another one in Agios Antonios Thessaloniki.

A movement like this is a promising one, since beyond the economic benefits accruing to the area such as new job opportunities for the local people, it can also set the base for further development of the altnernatinve energy resources sector. 

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