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Ireland has been fined €3.5m by the European Court of Justice for failing to comply with environmental law.

  • In two judgements the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that Ireland has to pay financial penalties for failure to comply with earlier Court judgments that established a breach of EU environmental law.
  • This is the first time such penalties have been imposed on Ireland
  • The cases relate to Ireland’s failure to regulate septic tanks, and to correctly transpose an EU Directive on environmental impact assessments.

Case C-374/11 Septic Tanks 

The first ruling relates to Ireland’s failure to properly regulate the installation and use of septic tanks.

  • Discharges from septic tanks, of which there are close to 500,000 in Ireland, have contributed to micro-biological pollution of groundwater and nutrient pollution of surface waters.
  • Human health is put at risk because pathogens can enter drinking water sources via septic tanks that…

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