The Solar Ship Story

It is called Solar Ship, but it is flying, “green” and in the not-so-distant future may see it distributing humanitarian aid in conflict zones and areas affected by natural disaster. The hybrid airship, something between a zeppelin and seaplane, will be powered by solar panels and assisted by helium (noble gas). The big advantage is that it can take off or land in very small areas, which will allow him to reach areas that are not accessible by car or aircraft. The solar panels on the airship, feed an electric motor and a propeller, which gives him the urge to take off. A giant helium balloon allows it to hover while counteracting the weight of the panels and batteries.

The Solar Ship has a length of 30 meters and is able to carry up to half a ton of supplies, which can meet the needs of a village or a small town 2,000 residents. May also be converted to a small clinic. Addressed to humanitarian organizations working in war zones and disaster areas. The cost of it is around 1 million, while the cost of rental of $ 30,000 per month. Although the team of the Solar Ship has high expectations, there are those who express concerns, mainly fearing that such an airship can cause terror among the inhabitants of isolated communities, who are not familiar with the sight of a giant flying.

The Solar Ship project can be a great example of a fully exploit of the renewable energy technologies in order the humanity to be further benefited.

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