USA: Keep your job by unplugging!

At a time when U.S. schools are facing massive cuts in their budget, teachers in Lake Stevens area located in the state of Washington, decided to take the situation into their own hands andimages saved their jobs and the level of education by taking measures saving energy! The area, known as the “Como Washington” because of a lake, has 30,000 residents and 13 schools, elementary and high schools. The managers of the schools, trying to salvage the level of education and their jobs from cutting, they decided to save money by tapping energy waste.

Unplug_when_not_in_use_thumb[2]As the head of the project and an expert on energy issues Barb Ossowski said, «the central idea was to unplug anything we do not use.” The project involves the training of the teachers on how they can reduce energy consumption and also a list of actions that should be done every day by the end of the course and closure of schools in order to achieve savings. Barb Ossowski has as daily responsibility to doublecheck that all schools have implemented the commitments arising from the list, such as the closure of computers, printers, refrigerators and other electrical equipment and lights, except for the necessary safety schools.

The savings program launched in March 2010 and to date has achieved reducing energy consumption by 34%, which corresponds to savings of 1.5 million dollars, an amount which instead goes to energy bills, is now available for new books and especially the preservation of jobs which were put at risk because of cuts in funding. The heads of schools in the region were awarded for this important effort by the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA.

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