A new re-New-able York?

imagesAccording to some researchers at the universities University of California (Davis), Stanford and Cornell, the American state of New York could by 2050 to transform its energy policy to be powered exclusively by Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Scientists argue that using, inter alia, terrestrial and marine turbines, solar centralized systems, solar parks and PV systems on rooftops of commercial and government buildings, could meet the energy needs of New York in electricity, heating and cooling.


According to the report published by the journal Energy Policy, a shift of the energy infrastructure of the city to exploit the wind, sunlight and water, it would save nearly 4,000 lives and $ 33 billion a year just from health costs. However, the payback will be achieved rapidly by the savings and costs for oil, gas and coal, which is currently almost exclusively imported. Such a scenario would then stabilize energy prices, while creating new jobs.

Calculations of researchers are still at an early stage. But as pointed out by Robert Howarth, Professor of Ecology and Environmental Biology at Cornell University and one of the contributors of the report, “We must be ambitious if we want to promote energy independence and reduce global warming.”

You can find more info here.

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