Abu Dhabi: the World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant In Operation (video)

20130317rc_c5_1283__slideshowThe oil-rich Abu Dhabi unveiled the largest concentrated solar power park in the world on March 17. The Shams-1 (which means “sun” in Arabic) utilizes advanced parabolic trough technology to “tame” solar mirrors of at least 250,000.

The power 100MW Shams-1, the construction of which cost $ 600 million and lasted three years, it is estimated that it could meet the energy needs of 20,000 households. At the same time, it is believed to reduce the production of carbon dioxide emissions by 175,000 tons per year, an amount that, according to experts, could also be saved by removing about 15,000 cars from the roads.

Abu Dhabi, the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates ‘sits’ on proven oil reserves exceeding 90 billion barrels, and is rich in natural gas. At the same time, across the region made ​​efforts to boost renewable energy.

The concentrated solar power park located in the desert, about 120 km southwest of Abu Dhabi. Vehicles with special brushes are “on foot” to dust off the mirrors of sand, which can affect their profitability.

In addition to Masdar, the project involved the French Total and Spanish Abengoa Solar. “The abundance of solar energy in the Middle East is an opportunity to integrate sustainable, clean energy sources that contribute to energy security and climate change,” said CEO Santiago last Segou. “The area needs more projects like Shams-1.»

For more info visit the official site by clicking here.

One thought on “Abu Dhabi: the World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant In Operation (video)

  1. It’s great to see even oil rich comtries converting to a cleaner energy source. Everyone should be looking for cleaner energy solutions in their area. With the price parity of solar panels and related equipment, now is the time to see if solar is right for you. Check to see if there are subsidized programs in your area like the Ontario MicroFIT Program, that pays you to generate power. Or maybe there is net metering programs that will let you use solar power as your main source and only rely on Infrastrucutre energy as backup.

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