Cooking oil powering your flights!

-Hey honey, your favorite fried potatoes are ready!
-Thank you darling!Have you saved the oil that you used?I have a flight the next Friday!

klm-plane-biofuel-powered-1This could be a converstation coming from the future or not?The answer could be yes since some airlines have made steps towards the reuse of cooking oil to power their flights.

KLM is a dutch airline who has begun powering some commercial flights on an eco-friendly fuel mix that includes 25% recycled cooking oil and 75% jet fuel. The cooking oil-fuelled Boeing 777 flights will be tested on 25 roundtrip transatlantic flights between New York’s JFK and Amsterdam’s Schiphol every Thursday for the next 24 weeks.

The leftover waste oil comes from restaurants in the southern US state of Louisiana, where it’s used to fry up cracklins, catfish and other Cajun treats before being refined at a plant near Baton Rouge and trucked to New York to fuel the flights.

Though some say the fuel smells like fast food, the cooking oil is safe for powering jumbo jets and provides exactly the same flying experience. Even better, it reduces carbon emissions by up to 80%.


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