Make your city greener, make your city safer

green city

Tempe University of United States released a study titled “Does vegetation encourage or suppress urban crime? Evidence from Philadelphia, PA,” supporting that crime rates can be reduced if we make our cities greener. The research analyzes the association of vegetation with crime in a case study of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They examined rates of assaults, robberies, burglaries, and thefts in relation to remotely sensed vegetation abundance at the Census tract level.

Results indicate that vegetation abundance is significantly associated with lower rates of assault, robbery, and burglary, but not theft. The research has implications for urban planning policy, especially as cities are moving towards ‘green’ growth plans and must look to incorporate sustainable methods of crime prevention into city planning. 

As the scientists explain the green and proper urban construction encourages socialization and facilitates monitoring of public spaces, offering tranquility and reducing the psychological pressures of society which often lead to violence.

Professor Jeremy Mennis, one of the two writes says “Increasing vegetation, supporting sustainability — they are a nice complement to so many city initiatives beyond increasing aesthetics and improving the environment,” he added that “Reducing stormwater runoff, improving quality of life, reducing crime — all of these objectives are furthered by increasing well-managed vegetation within the city.”

Given the results of research, scientists ask the competent authorities to heed their urban planning and putting green cities to painlessly and effectively eliminate crime.

Read more by clicking here

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