Wind power-Donald Trump: 1-0

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The wrath of Donald Trump has caused the “green light” in Scotland to install wind turbines off the coast of Aberdeen. The American tycoon threatens to institute legal proceedings, claiming that the experimental wind park degrades the seaside golf resort, which opened last year as well … spoil the sea views.

The offshore wind farm will consist of 11 wind turbines and is expected to cost around 272 million euros. According to the Energy Minister of Scotland, its power will reach the 100MW and will supply nearly half the houses of Aberdeen.
“Temporarily suspended our plans to Aberdeen, as do many others, until this ridiculous proposal be voted out” announced Trump, who intended to build second hotel and golf course in the region. “We filed a lawsuit to stop something that will certainly lead to the destruction of Aberdeen and Scotland itself,” he said describing the government’s decision “politics.”

Tragic irony? Several environmental organizations reacted strongly to the construction of the huge golf course by the American billionaire, as the area is considered protected and host of “national importance” wildlife species. Nevertheless, the same government approved the construction of the assumption that the economic benefits outweigh the environmental costs.
In the announcement, Trump attacks against his former friend and ally of Alex Salmond, Prime Minister of Scotland. Characterizes him “dishonest” and warns that “Scots generations will curse” for the “obsession with an outdated wind technology.”

Recalled that the objective of Scotland is to cover 100% of its energy needs from renewables by 2020. The rate is already at 39%, while the Scots generate more than one third of renewable energy in Britain. Go Scots, we are with you!


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