Greenpeace – Coal : 1-0


The efforts of Greenpeace to inspire people around the world to fight for the environment seem to have a positive outcome. From Poland to Australia, USA to Thailand, communities are taking action to stop new coal projects, and governments are starting to listen.

As an example in Thailand, the country’s energy minister said yesterday that the proposed coal power plant in Krabi, one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, should not be constructed. The announcement came on the heels of a Greenpeace climbing action and local community protests against the plan.

Moreover as it is mentioned at the official page of Greenpeace another, even bigger coal power plant project was cancelled a week earlier in Poland, where Greenpeace and other organizations have been engaged in legal fights to keep the government from bending laws to give free CO2 emission permits to new coal.

In India, 36 coal mining projects were shelved as the government of India’s largest province, Maharashtra, announced new prices for land purchases for coal mines. Last year, Greenpeace teamed up with local communities in the region to defend forests and community lands against coal mining.

Go Greenpeace, we are with you, we are with our planet!

Find out more about these inspiring victories here:

Source Greenpeace

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