The green Greeks are here!

ecomobilitySince 2003 Greece with the Ecomobility campaign, tries to activate young people and urges them to find solutions to environmental problems in some major cities of the country, with an ultimate goal to awake all citizens.

More specifically, Ecomobility Eco Move campaign, this year celebrates 10 years of life. The Campaign is organized all these years by ECOCITY, a voluntary organisation for the Urban Environment, with the cooperation and commitment of Scientific Institutions and Organizations of the country. The aim of the campaign is the irritation of the new approach to problems in the city, raising awareness for the environment and their operation in seeking solutions with focusing on behavioral change and to promote quality of life in the cities of Greece.
Students from across the country are invited to show their Green Movement, like walking, cycling, public transport and to present proposals for changing conditions and support the right of free movement in the cities. The Campaign provides an opportunity for teens and those around them, to learn to live by protecting the environment and raising the functioning of cities.
In the second level, the campaign aims to inform and sensitize the public about the obsolescence and the problems created by:

  • Indifference on the instructions of scientists
  • The excessive use of cars in cities
  • Disrespect to the principles of the social coexistence

ECOMOBILITY initially asks from the students to explore the problems at a local level (municipality, neighborhood, village, island) created by every type of  transport. Also they have to identify deficiencies, defects, make a research about  their school and their city regarding the problems and  at last to point out solutions / suggestions.
The outcome of the research will be presented during a special event, held in the municipality in cooperation with ECOCITY by the students, without any adult intervention. Their work may be accompanied by theatrical play, song, lyrics, various constructions, models, painting, print or anything else they like.

What do YOU do about your city?Get inspired from this action and make something small or even big in order to make your city greener!


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