Philips introduces world’s most energy-efficient warm white LED lamp

New LED bulbs presented by Philips claiming to be the most efficient in the world and promising great energy savings – and at the long term money.

The firm says that the prototype is doubly efficient than fluorescent tubes which were currently used in large scale (eg in offices or factories). More specifically, it produces 200 lumen light per watt of electricity consumed when the best elongated fluorescent lamps that are available today produce 100lm / W.

“This is a big step forward in the world of lighting,”

said Associated Press CEO of Philips Lighting sector René van Souten.

“It will bring huge savings.”

He stated that the lamp will go on sale in 2015. He also believes that in the next ten years new LED bulbs will replace at least half of the fluorescent lights in the workplace. 

Although some companies advertise LED bulbs reaching 200lm / W under in certain conditions, Philips argues that its own product is the first on the market that reaches such levels of efficiency by operating at various temperatures within normal limits and producing constant the same amount of warm white light. Last April, the U.S. Department of Energy released their estimates, according to which the industry would achieve efficiency up to 160lm / W by 2015.

René van Souten admitted that the new bulb at the begining will cost more than the equivalent incandescent lighting, but given the cost of electricity, increased profitability in 2015 will make them cheaper over one year, compared to three years today.

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