South Africa becoming a green leader!

south africaAccording to a new report of NGO Pew Charitable Trusts, South Africa has become the “cornerstone of development in the field of clean energy for the entire African continent”, and between 2011 and 2012 investments showed an increase of 20,500%!

The authors argue that the country is now ninth in the list of ideal destinations for investment in renewable energy among G20, while in 2011 it was last. This trend is expected to continue in the next years by implementing an intensive program of competitions in which they have already been awarded nearly 30 projects.

South Africa, after long delays in starting national clean energy projects made an explosive growth in 2012,” notes the report by Pew. “The solar industry’s attracted investments worth $ 4.3 billion last year – or 80% of total investment in clean energy. Also $ 1.1 billion was channeled to the wind industry within the country.

China still posses the fisrt place in the list, with investments of over EUR 65 billion in one year, an amount equal to 30% of investments in renewable energy in all the countries of G20. The total installed capacity now reaches 152GW, the largest in the world, but at the same time  China remains the number one polluter worldwide.

The organization notes that, while investments in renewable energy worldwide decreased last year, this does not affect the overall growth trend. The report also states that the renewable energy sector is characterized by geographical and technological changes. Feature have shown that in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the investments have decreased by 22% last year, while a similar decrease was observed also in the United States.

Source: Reuters

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