From One Earth Day to the Next

From One Earth Day to the Next

Now that Earth Day is behind us, let’s take a moment to reflect on what is happening to our planet. Each day the choices we make and the lifestyles we lead have consequences on our fragile ecosystem.
By the next year around 135.400.000 people will be born while 55.000 to 73.000 species of plants, animals and insects will be lost. Moreover, only one year will be needed for 29.200.000 acres of rain forest to be damaged and 19.500.000 acres of deciduous forest to be destroyed. During the next year the Global Mean Sea Level will be increase by 0.13 inces while earth’s atmosphere will bear more metric tons of CO2!Oil production will be increased by 29.964.675.000 barrels and we will use from 500.000.000.000 to plastic bags. At last if you keep polluting our oceans we will end up with 100.000 less marine mammals and 700.000 to 1.000.000 less seabirds. 
Now take a moment and ask your self, does your lifestyle worth it?
I am sure that the answer will be negative. So, make some baby steps today and change some of your habbits. Stop using plastic bags or your car. Plant a tree and recycle.
Remember, our planet is YOUR  home.

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