International Noise Awareness Day 2013

noiseIn 1977 soundscape artist Raymond Murray Schafer foresaw the problems related to an increase in human population and technology, writing: noise in the sky is distinguished radically from all other forms of noise in that it is not localised or contained … modern technology has given each individual the tools to activate more acoustic space. This development would seem to be running a collision course with the population increase and reduction of available physical space per individual. Raymond Murray Schafer (born 18 July 1933) is a Canadian composerwritermusic educator and environmentalist perhaps best known for his World Soundscape Project, concern for acoustic ecology, and his book The Tuning of the World (1977).

The background noises (traffic-related, and all types of industrial engineering) who due to various activities (economic, household) causing severe discomfort, the extent and severity of which varies according to the distance of the source, frequency characteristics as well as topography and town planning of a region.

As indicated by a recent survey of the World Health Organization (WHO) («Burden of disease from environmental noise: Quantification of healthy life years lost in Europe», WHO), noise pollution comes second (after air pollution) in the ranking of environmental risks health. According to the survey, exposure to noise is an insidious process whose immediate and long term consequences are neither visible nor recognizable, yet systematically undermine health and inflate the unhealthy years of life of the citizens of Europe. The continuous and long-term human exposure to noisy environment cause serious heart problems, temporary or residual hearing damage, discomfort (nausea, dizziness, headaches), sleep disorders and learning disorders. Noise affects the sensitive population groups (1st and 3rd age, people in recovery, pregnant), but also the productive age. Noise pollution is becoming a public health problem for residents and managers policy in the European Union.

The Center for Hearing and Communication founded International Noise Awareness Day to promote awareness of the dangers of long-term exposure to noise.  The aim of this global campaign, which takes place every ear in April, is to raise awareness among the general public of the issue of noise and the risks it poses. People all over the world are called upon to take part via various actions on this occasion, such as open days on hearing acousticians’ premises, lectures in public health departments, universities and schools, panels of experts, noise level measuring actions and readings.

Learn more about the campaign by clicking here.

Below you can a see an interesting infographic illustrating different sources of noise. To the top of  the pyramid is a traind horn with 110 decibels while at the bottom you can fight the noise deriving from the light traffic being at the same level with the noise deriving from the wild birds, meaning at 80 decibels.

The Noise Pollution Ecosystem

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