Let me introduce you another Greece, green Greece!

greeceNow that summer is one step closer it is time to start planning your holidays. Do you want to spend your summer holidays in a place where sea and sun are in abudance? Are you concern about what footprint you are gonna leave behind? I have the ultimate destination and this is Greece. 

Picture this: using the island of Lefkas as a base for an unforgettable sailing adventure holiday around the Ionian islands,a sailing holiday encompassing turquoise waters, islands covered in lush green, ancient castles and a chance to visit the home of classical mythology. Now imagine all the above being held with the help of a team that is fully aware of the needs of our planet and thus has as an ultimate goal to protect it. Nofootprint.gr collects accommodation in various parts of Greece which have as a common not only their beauty but also the fact that they respect the environment! In their site you can also find information if your interested in traveling around Greece, leaving zero footprint!

“No footprint” is an effort to create a community of responsible holiday providers and accommodation owners in Greece, who have as a common goal to minimize their negative footprint on the environment and local communities while offering a quality experience. They wish:

  • To introduce travellers to an alternative way of experiencing Greece away from the mainstream,
  • To attract and give more reasons to visit Greece to a more responsible, environmentally sensitive and “high quality” traveller,
  • To influence the tourist industry towards a more sustainable model,
  • To create a think tank and open dialogue among operators and travellers in order to explore alternative ways to promote ecotourism, increase the quality of travelling experience in Greece and decrease their “footprint”.

Don’t hesitate, visit Nofootprint.gr now and be a part of this team even by finding a destination with their help or by helping them achieve their goals.

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