World’s greenest building makes official debut (video)

Bullitt-CenterLast Earth Day, 22 April, was the day where Bullitt Center, which is being called the “greenest commercial building” in the world, has made its official debut. The building – a total area of ​​4,645 square meters – covers its energy needs thanks to the huge, almost flat roof which is covered with solar panels.

The windows, which extend from the floor to the ceiling, “bathe” with natural light 82% of the building. The instigators even argue that even if there was some cloudy days for about a month, none of the tenants did not feel the need to turn on the light during normal hours of operation. 

We wanted to prove  that one can derive much enough solar energy from the roof of a six-storey building in Seattle to cover the entire energy needs of a highly efficient building,” said the CEO of the Foundation Boulit and head of the project Denis Hayes.

The building uses so many groundbreaking environmental features, using 83 percent less energy than other comparably sized Seattle office buildings, that new city ordinances had to be written to accommodate them all, said Mayor McGinn. “It turns out sustainability isn’t legal now,” he quipped.

The Boullitt Center is one of the three buildings which meet the requirements of the certification program Living Building Challenge, which are stricter than those of the LEED certification. The energy needs are covered on the spot thanks to the solar roof, an underground collection tank and clean rainwater makes it self-sufficient in water, while the waste management of the building it is achieved on the building, the life cycle of which reaches 250 years. In order to achieve the energy objectives of the center, the tenants are bound by cap consumption, an excess of which is punishable by a “penalty.” In addition, there are parking spaces only underground garage for bicycles to use as little as possible their cars, while they are encouraged to prefer the stairs versus the elevator.

Below we can watch a very interesting video about the story of Bullitt Center and learn more details about its construction by the team of the project.

Living Proof: Building the Bullitt Center from Brad Kahn on Vimeo.

For more information visit

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