Wind turbine promises to reduce the cost of wind energy


An american company, Sheer Wind claims to have invented a new technology of wind energy, which is six times more efficient than conventional and can reduce the cost of operating in a wider range of weather conditions. According to them, Invelox system produce energy even when blowing winds are of 1.5-3 kilometers per hour.

That’s because this is not a conventional wind turbine blades, but for a structure with a tower shaft approximately 13 meters resulting in a “funnel”.

You can learn more about this new type of wind turbine by watching the video below.

Moreover, it argues that its system occupies much less space than that existing wind turbines, while birds will approach it without risk. “The birds have difficulty with moving objects, as with traditional wind turbine blades that move at a speed of 240-320 km/h,” he told Discovery News Dharma Alaei, head of the technical field of Sheer Wind.

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