Water in the Anthropocene: Warnings regarding adequacy of water (video)!

56529_webHundreds of scientists, water experts, who participated in a conference in Germany, warned that over the next 40 years, a majority of the inhabitants of the planet will face a problem regarding the access to adequate amounts of clean water.

Scientists noted that without serious reforms in the following years, the warnings will become reality and so it is solely responsible the human being.

In the text issued there are a number of suggestions. Among other, they “demand” more extensive studies on the interconnection of the global water system and how that might change in the future, indicating the need for better education of their successors and call for better control of the state of water resources with the help of latest technology systems.

Moreover, they stress that saving water should be a priority in the construction of new buildings and infrastructure and calling on governments to devise strategies and policies that emphasize into innovation and the adoption of greener practices in the institutions managing the water resources.
The UN estimates that already 1.2 billion people have inadequate access to potable water, while another 500 million may soon face the same problem. 1.6 billion people live in areas that lack adequate infrastructure pumping water from aquifers and reservoirs.

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