The biggest “wave farm” will be built in Scotland!

640_Oyster 800 wave energy device installation credit Aquamarine PowerScottish Government gave the green light for the construction of the the largest “wave farm” in the world, in Lewis, off the north west coast of Britain, one of the deemed best locations in Europe for the production of wave energy.

The installation 40-50 Oyster 800 systems, which are fed by the waves near the coast and turn them into clean energy, will begin within the next few years. Once completed, the plant capacity 40 MW group Aquamarine will cover the energy needs of nearly 30,000 households. 

This facility will bring significant economic benefits to the local community,” said Martin McAdam, CEO of Aquamarine, which currently tests Oyster 800 on a unit of the European Marine Energy Centre and already gives energy to the grid.

Lang Banks, the director of the Scottisch WWF welcomed the project speaking of a “huge boost for the industry of marine renewable energy in Scotland, which will put Lewis on the world map of wave energy.

However, the project depends upon the installation of a cable responsible for the transmission of the energy to the shore. Last week, the competent company announced that it will not proceed with the installation of the cable before 2017. The governments of Scotland and England are trying to fix the problem.


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