Google Invests in South African Renewable Energy Project


According to a new report of NGO Pew Charitable Trusts, South Africa has become the “cornerstone of development in the field of clean energy for the entire African continent”, and between 2011 and 2012 investments showed an increase of 20,500%! 

Google seems to have a clue about it and therefore announced it will help fund the photovoltaic power plant located in the province of Northern Cape.  Google has already invested more than $1 billion in funds to renewable energy.  South Africa is the company’s second overseas venture.  The first renewable energy investment was made last 2011 to a photovoltaic power plant in Germany

Google’s share in the South African Jasper Project is not that big but the company is satisfied with the potential benefits once the solar power plant becomes fully operational.  It will be the largest power plant in Africa which can provide enough energy to power 30,000 homes.  The entire project costs $260 million and $12 million of that came from Google.

Source au.ibtimes

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