Call for creative minds to fight food waste


Brussels, Copenhagen, 5 June 2013 – On the occasion of World Environment Day, the UN and the Nordic Council of Ministers launch a Nordic-Baltic Ad Competition to support the fight against food waste.

World Environment Day is celebrated globally on June 5. This year, the focus is on the fight against food waste, and the Nordic-Baltic Ad Competition is launched in support of the United Nations Environment Program’s campaign “Think.Eat.Save –Reduce your foodprint” linked with this effort.

The Ad Competition calls on designers to create an advertisement to increase public awareness of the increasing scale of food waste in our modern day society and to draw attention to the problem of increasing food waste.

First prize in the competition is the Nordic Council of Ministers´Award of 5,000 EUR. The winning entry will be used globally in the “Think.Eat.Save-–Reduce your foodprint” campaign, as well as published in newspapers and exhibited in displays and events around Europe.

It is the fourth time UNRIC, the UN Information Centre in Brussels, calls on designers, professionals as well as amateurs, to compete to create the best awareness raising advertisement on global issues. This time, the competition is open to the citizens of the Nordic countries, the Baltic States and North-Western Russia, and it is done in collaboration with the Danish Stop Wasting Food movement

The competition is hosted on the website


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