New York Energy Week 2013

New York

Only 17 days left for the New York Energy Week. New York Energy Week was founded by Energy Solutions Forum, an energy policy research and data company based in the NYC ACRE incubator, an anchor of New York’s energy startup community.

New York Energy Week is an integral part of ESF’s founding mission to support investment and collaboration among the diverse sectors of the energy industry. As the curator of the ESF Calendar, the go-­to resource for energy business events, ESF founded the series in support of a broader vision for industry advancement by fostering cross-sector collaboration for long-term partnerships and investment.

How It Works

The week is composed of industry-generated events, all around New York City. Organizations determine the details of the event and then gain additional audience and visibility by including their event on the NYEW platform. NYEW sponsors host the week’s headline and marquee events. As a “for the industry, by the industry” initiative with no ticket sales, NYEW is 100% funded by the event hosts and sponsors.

Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg endorsed NYEW by saying “New York is at the dawn of a new age of innovation in energy that will ensure our continued economic and environmental leadership in the 21st century and beyond. Through our Economic Development Corporation, we have set the stage for even more growth in the private energy sector. And our Administration is putting the best of the industry’s advances into practice now with PlaNYC, improving our city’s sustainability by increasing energy efficiency, shrinking our carbon footprint, and making our energy infrastructure more resilient.

New York’s Energy Week has a great schedule for the entire week. You can find an event of your interest and request an invitation by clicking here.


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