Eco-innovation: when business meets the environment!Apply now!


European Commission has published a call for proposals for funding amounting to € 31.5 million for the 45 best projects in the field of eco-innovation.

Businesses across Europe until September 5, 2013 have to submit their proposals for the introduction of new environmental solutions on the market in the following five areas:

  • recycling
  • water
  • sustainable building products
  • green businesses
  • food and drink sector

The invitation is addressed mainly in private enterprises, especially SMEs, have developed an innovative green product, process or service, but have difficulties to penetrate in his/her market. The invitation offers financing up to 50% of project costs and is expected to support about 45 new projects this year.

The text of this call for proposals, and instructions for completing the online application, available at the following address:

One thought on “Eco-innovation: when business meets the environment!Apply now!

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