Britain: Opening for the world’s largest offshore wind park


The 4th of July was choosen for the opening of the world’s largest offshore wind park, the London Array, cited 20 kilometres off the southeastern coast of the country.

The wind park was a joint project between E.ON, Masdar and DONG Energy. Even though the official opening of the wind park took place yesterday, the 175 turbines were producing electricity since the last April, while the last turbine was installed in December. Now, the wind park is exporting all its power to the national grid, power which is enough for nearly 500,000 homes.

The two main factors that pushed Britain to implement this promising project were the need for less carbon dioxide – forecasts show a reduction of around 900.000 tonnes a year – and the maintainance of its position at the top of the global list of countries with offshore wind farms, a project that cost to the country 1,5 billion sterling.

Mr Cameron said the wind farm was a “big win for Britain” and proved the UK could deliver large-scale projects.

He also said on the BBC’s reporter : “This project has been built by some of the bravest seaman, some of the most talented engineers, some of the hardest workers, and it’s going to continue to bring benefits to people in Kent for many, many years to come.”

“It’s a very big win for Britain. Sometimes people wonder, ‘Can we in the West do big projects any more? Can we do the big investments? Isn’t that all happening somewhere else in the east and south of our world?’.

“I think this demonstrates Britain is a great place to invest.”


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