MIT: The future of Energy

Καταγραφή“News about energy technologies often seems contradictory. We hear of promising breakthroughs from academic research labs, innovative startups, and even established companies—advances that could help reduce our reliance on sources of energy that are nonrenewable and polluting. But few of these advances are having significant impact. Solar and wind power, for example, still account for a very small portion of the world’s electricity supply.

The economics of alternative forms of energy generally remain daunting. Scaling up many breakthroughs is proving far more costly than envisioned, and oil and natural gas are more abundant now than many experts had predicted. Does this mean alternative-energy technologies are at a dead end? Not necessarily. The goal of this collection of energy stories from MIT Technology Review is to help you understand why. In this report we illuminate some promising energy breakthroughs and discuss the practical challenges they face. In feature stories and a photo essay, we take you to Germany, Borneo, and Arkansas and reveal in memorable detail how energy technologies are being deployed. Finally, two reviews by David Rotman, the editor of MIT Technology Review, look ahead and explain the path to commercialization that future energy technologies will have to take. This package of stories is just a sampling of the expertise on energy that is offered in the pages of MIT Technology Review and daily on We hope you’ll come join the conversation.”

Brian Bergstein
Deputy Editor
MIT Technology Review

Download the 2013 energy collection, free courtesy of National Instruments by clicking here.

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