IEA: Renewables Information 2013

ΚαταγραφήRenewables Information is a comprehensive review providing historical and current market trends in OECD countries, including 2012 preliminary data. The review consists of four parts. An Introduction, notes, definitions and auxiliary information are provided in Part I. Part II of the publication provides an overview of the development of renewables and waste in the world over the 1990 to 2011 period. A greater focus is given to OECD countries with

review of electricity generation and capacity from renewable and waste energy sources. Part III of the publication provides a corresponding statistical overview of developments in the world and OECD renewable and waste market. Part IV provides, in tabular form, a more detailed and comprehensive picture of developments for renewable and waste energy sources for 34 OECD member countries, including 2012 preliminary data. It encompasses energy indicators, generating capacity, electricity and heat production from renewable and waste sources, as well as production and consumption of renewables and waste. 

Renewables Information is one of a series of annual IEA statistical publications on major energy sources; other reports are Coal InformationElectricity InformationNatural Gas Information and Oil Information

You can find IEA’s publications by clicking here.

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