Athens: Balkans Oil & Gas 2013 Summit


The established 2nd Annual Balkans Oil & Gas 2013 Summit is here again to gather the leading companies involved in the Upstream and Downstream sector of the Balkans and discuss the recent developments in the countries on the exploration from the Adriatic to the Black Sea, the new pipeline projects that will fuel Europe and Balkans with gas, as well as the ways to get involved in each of the countries.

Last September, Oil & Gas IOCs operating in the Balkans Peninsula gathered together with the Governmental representatives of Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, and Serbia to discuss the current and upcoming business and investment climate in the hydrocarbons industry, along with elite geologists, to showcase the opportunities in the under-explored Balkans region. Over 130 delegates from key companies were there to network, address region specific issues and identify the upcoming opportunities for their business in the Balkans.

This year, the 2nd Annual Balkans Oil & Gas 2013 Summit will once again be held in the magnificent 5* Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens, to follow up with the successful story of exploration in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia.


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