Intelen: Your partner towards energy efficiency!


INTELEN is a software company in the CleanTech / Energy Information and Communications Technology (ICT) domain .Company’s mission is to become a market leader in energy efficiency software field (energy analytics) by combining leading-edge IT knowledge and innovation.

Their slogan/motto is that energy data analytics is able to “engage” humans towards smart decisions. INTELEN is a service provider company that develops systems and software for utility, auditors, contractors, retailers, commercial & industrial clients in order to monitor, analyze and predict energy consumption and determine the most cost-efficient energy efficiency measures.INTELEN will be the leading partner to deliver the best possible reliable software solutions to help their customers improve energy efficiency and business profitability.

Based on the vast experience of its people and strong business know-how, Intelen delivers market leading technical solutions, and customized consulting services in order to cover the specialized needs of its customers. The company is active in the areas of Technical Business and Smart HAN Infrastructure Solutions applied to Energy ICT, AMRs, smart grid applications and Energy ICT services, providing unique value to its customer base and leverage its market-leading expertise with best-in-class software and technology companies. Some EU projects that Intelen is currenlty running are SINGULAR (dealing with microgrids and behavioral DR), eSAVE (dealing with AMR and Energy Analytics in the logistics supply chain) and GEN6 (dealing with IPv6 AMRs and IoT Analytics over point-to-point AMI). Also some other are submitted, regarding Game mechanics and Social incentive mechanisms to increase customer awareness and engagement in the smart grid.

For more info you can visit their site by clicking here.

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