Everything about Renewable Εnergy Sector in Europe is here!

renewable-energy-400x326Do you want to know everything about renewable energy sector in Europe? The European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) is here for you! 

Created on 13 April 2000, EREC, the European Renewable Energy Council, is the umbrella organisation of the major European renewable energy industry, trade and research associations active in the field of photovoltaics, small hydropower, solar thermal, bioenergy, geothermal, solar thermal electricity, wind and ocean energy. It represents an industry with an annual economic activity of more than €130 billion and more than 1 million employees.

At the official page of the organization (erec.org) you can find a lot of information regarding the 8 renewable sectors (bionergy, geothermal energy, hydropower, ocean energy, photovoltaics, solar thermal, solar thermal electricity, wind energy), statistics, forecasts on the expansion of renewable energy, related policies, an agenda of international projects and some events too. 

Begin your tour on the amazing world of renewable energy sector by clicking here now! Enjoy!

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