Energment has a message for YOU!

energement summer

After almost a year in front of a computer energment goes on vacation!

I have got to admit that via energment I have gained a lot of things. During this period I came closer to my favourite sector, the “energmental”. Of course the word “energmental” does not really exist but it is a combination of my two favorite sectors, the sector of energy and the sector of environment. As we say here in energment, any living organism relies on energy and thus energy and environment should be treated with the same respect. So the “creation” of a new sector combining both of them was essential for me. The remarkable thing on this story is that not only me but also a lot of people around the world had the same need. More than 5.000 friends on our facebook page and almost 6.000 views on wordpress, in less than a year, make me realize that I am not the only one. I would really want to thank you for your support. Without you probably I wouldn’t have reached the 240 posts in ten months. I need you and the planet needs us.

Before I go on my vacation I have to deliver a message to you via a short video containing of 5 simple steps that will make your summer greener!

Because earth needs us the whole year! 

Please click here to watch the video on youtube, it will only take 1 minute! Enjoy!


Have a great green summer!

(Because of a technical problem I wasn’t able to embed the video on wordpress, sorry! )

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