Start the new school year with eco-friendly notebooks


Since September is related to school and school demands a lot of notebooks this year purchase an ecofriendly notebook instead of a typical one!Start the school year with Ecosystem by your side!

The journal you carry can say a lot about your personality. Because you are part of ecosystem and interested in 100% post-consumer recycled material, we know you care about the environment – now it’s time to provide you with a recycled book that expresses who you are with an interior format that suits your needs.

Why ecosystem?

In the life of a recycled ecosystem item, there are three important phases, which impact the product’s ecological footprint. They are:

  1. The period prior to manufacturing, which is when an item is various materials, such as milled paper, cover boards, ribbon for the bookmark and the like.
  2. The period in which all materials are processed in different ways, including binding as well as the printing and folding of pages.
  3. The period after the product is made when it must travel from the assembling factory to the retailer’s warehouse and/or stores. 

In ecosystem all three of these phases are monitored closely to ensure the footprint of each material or process is done in a manner that is the least impact to the environment.

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