Google and Solar Impulse sign a high level partnership


Yesterday, on Septermber 16 Google became Solar Impulse’s Official Internet Technology Partner and will be featured on the airplane with their Google+ URL,

It seems quite logical since Google adn Solar Impulse share the same values, like pioneering spirit, innovation, engineering excellence and clean technologies to protect natural resources.

Founders of Solar Impulse noted that:

“The collaboration we enjoyed with Google this summer gave us a taste of all the great things we can do for the 2015 Around the World Journey. Together we will cooperate on our web and social media platforms. Applications such as Google Earth, Google Glass, Google HangoutsGoogle+ and YouTube will provide our supporters with the necessary tools to follow each step of the 2015 adventure.”

Financially, this is also an important milestone in their program. It marks a new chapter and illustrates the interest raised worldwide by Solar Impulse as they have now a large US company joining their existing Swiss and European Partners. 


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2 thoughts on “Google and Solar Impulse sign a high level partnership

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