Vindskip: promises for sustainable sea transport


A Norwegian businessman has announced that he designed and he is planning to build the most ecological merchant vessel in the world. The Vindskip (Windship) will be a hybrid powered partly by the wind, without any wind turbines but thanks to its shape, which will make it function as a sailboat’s sail.

The company LADE AS Terry Landon promises a merchant vessel that will save fuel by 60%, and 80% less greenhouse gas emissions compared with today’s container ships. The company says:

“The relative wind is a crucial factor in designing aircrafts, trains, propellers and sailing boats. But for the design of commercial vessels, this is a revolutionary brand new way of thinking. Inspired by the aerospace industry and the sailboat environment, the Vindskip is designed to utilize wind for propulsion. The unique is the shape of the hull, both above and below the water line.

Sustainable sea transport is dependent of the development of a new technology that can utilize the renewable resources on the sea. The wind has been made predictable thanks to modern meteorology. Through a computerized weighting of a steady flow of meteorological information, a computer program can calculate the best route taking advantage of the available wind energy. This makes it easy for the captain of Vindskip™ selecting the best course to propel the ship.”

Watch the animation video describing the concept behind the project Vindskip™

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