Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis

ipccIPCC: The responsibilities of man on climate change

The draft of 31 pages was delivered on Monday , by scientists and representatives from 110 countries . After one last ” hairstyle “, the final document will be approved and presented on Friday , and will act as a guide for the governments in the next two years who will attempt to agree on the framework that will succeed the Kyoto Protocol .

According to the sections of the report , which was leaked in recent weeks , human activities – primarily the burning of fossil fuels – is ” extremely likely” to recommend the number one cause of overheating of the 1950s , with scientists to express most certainty of at least 95 %.
The attention will be focused to the sections of the report which attempt to explain the apparent slowdown in global from the beginning of the century. According to the technical summary that accompanies the exhibition , such periods are not uncommon in climate over time, last about 15 years and due to a combination of phenomena, from the cyclical reduction of energy emitted from the sun by volcanic eruptions.

I expect that people will understand how simple and important is the message we send ,” said Pasori declaring the start of work. Climate change ‘ will change our lives, our economies , the way in which we operate our planet in the future , ” he said from the side of the head of the UN Environment Programme Achim Steiner adding that the shift to a greener economy based on renewable energies will bring many benefits.

The WGI AR5 Summary for Policymakers will be available here on 27 September 2013.

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