Solar oven cooks everything in 20 minutes!


A small tube length only 60 cm promises to bake anything up to 20 minutes without electricity or fuel. The GoSun, invention of an American engineer specializing in solar construction, can be easily transferred and it costs only 130 euros.

Although it is not released in the market, the innovative oven surpassed the funding goal of $ 40,000 set by the creator, promoting it as “giant thermos.”

The video below will take you through the story of the this innovative solar cooking technology and where it is headed in the future. 
The GoSun Stove is a versatile and powerful little solar cooker that can cook a meal in only 20 minutes, safely sizzling at up to 550°F, and all without the use of fuel. This revolutionary product is the lightest, fastest, easiest and most efficient on the market. 
Additionally, the GoSun Stove team aims to reduce the use of dirty fuels such as wood and charcoal for cooking. This will help decrease respiratory illnesses, restore forests, and save critical resources for impoverished families around the world. Enjoy!

Source GoSun

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