Make your business “green”, make your business profitable

Coins and green plant isolated on whiteHave you ever thought that by making your business eco-friendly you can end up with an extra economic benefit? Acting with an environmental friendly manner will benefit your business in economic terms and moreover you will help environment, not only by going green, but by sending an environmental message around the world.

There are a lot of prominent companies which have as their ultimate goal to be profitable and despite that they also decide to adopt environmental friendly practices. I am sure that their CEOs know what they do. Let’s see together a list of some green practices that will economically benefit your business.

1.            Reduce your energy costs

See your business’s energy bills trimming away by some simple steps. First of all contact your utility company in order to arrange an energy audit; man utility companies provide this service for free. By making this audit you will ensure that you’re using your energy efficiently. Moreover, you can replace all of your inefficient appliances (light bulbs, microwave etc.) to energy efficient ones, schedule your computers to hibernate during evenings and weekends and use efficient power strips for your electronic devices. At last, you can also set your thermostat around 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 78 degrees during the summer. 

2.            Consume less paper

A part of being green can be the reduction of paper consumption.  First of all do not forget the golden rule “Print only what is absolutely necessary”. If you have to print then do it on both sides of the paper and you will see your paper supplies cut in half. Moreover, by not printing you also reduce your energy costs since you will not use the printer and thus you will not consume energy. In the end, don’t just throw away the useless documents but choose to recycle them.

3.            Boost productivity

Researches have shown that the employees who work in an environmental friendly firm are more productive than those that do not. More specifically, “green” employees were 16 percent more productive than average employees. Those who work in green firms are more inspired, get more training and benefit from better interpersonal relations. At last, you can also earn some money through less staff sick time since the greener workplaces are expected to be healthier and safer. 

4.            Build customer loyalty

Building a profile of an environmental friendly firm will enhance customer loyalty. Each day more and more people become more sensitive in issues related to the human impact on the environment. Thus, people who are willing to protect the earth will want to buy products and services from an eco-friendly firm like yours. More costumers, more profit.

5.            Be competitive

Using unconventional green technologies and practices can be an advantage for your firm since nowadays it is often required by event sponsors, resource and regulatory agencies to win a competitive contract. Even though in most of the cases some green practices, such as the installation of solar panels, have a significant initial investment subsequently it will provide to your company very cheap energy and a good reputation for your firm too.

 As you can see there are some beneficial steps, small or big, that shift your company towards an eco-friendly path. A path that does not only benefit the environment but your business too. I hope that you have found this piece of information interesting and applicable to your firm.

Written by Stefania Vasileiou, Energy Economist Graduate

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