Electric Vehicle Breaks 0-60 World Acceleration Record

solar car

A group of students from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, has managed to broke the world record of acceleration with a small electric vehicle , which has achieved a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.15 seconds . To date, the record – not only for electric cars, but for all kinds of vehicles – was 2.68 seconds.

The team from Delft designed and built its own electric vehicle car – weighing only 145 kg – DUT12, in order to participate in the annual competition Formula Student, conducted in Britain. The vehicle won the unofficial world championship held at the circuit of Hockenheim , Germany, thanks to the driver Marly Kuijpers, the lightest member of the group.

We made the car a little lighter, where it was possible , but the main difference from other vehicles lies in the electric motors. In the UK contest we were allowed to use horsepower of 114 horses, but the engines used now were much stronger and therefore we  had to reduce them during the race , “explained Gihin Mok , which participates in the group. “Now we used max power : a total power of 135 horses or 33 horses per machine and almost one horse for every pound  “

Noted that the students also broke solemnly the record of the Ariel Atom V8 (gasoline car) in 2010, their model broke an official world record after accelerating from zero to 100 km/h in 2,15 seconds. The previous record stood at 2,68 seconds. Team manager Tim de Moree stated that, “under these condition we’d be happy with 2,30, but we really didn’t expect 2,15.”

Source www.iamexpat.nl

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